Times have changed. In the face of massive economic change and tougher competition, the traditional path to success is outdated. Practice management methods of the past no longer work. Success in the new economy requires an elegant combination of outstanding professional health care with the very best in entrepreneurial thinking. Dentists who achieve this are what I call a 'dentalpreneur'.

My passion is to work with dentalpreneurs – either well-established practice owners or the new generation of young guns – to become more powerful, resilient and successful in every sense of the word. These dentists are guided by their ambitions to create value and serve others. They are hard-working visionaries who take action to leave the world a better place. They lead, and are nimble, creative and innovative in the new economy. Ultimately, their ambition is to build a great practice, make a difference and lead an extraordinary life.

Helping dentists have more patients, more profits and less stress.