Number 1 Amazon best seller RETENTION! How to Plug the #1 Profit Leak in Your Dental Practice

Number 1 Amazon best seller RETENTION! How to Plug the #1 Profit Leak in Your Dental Practice uncovers the principles to mastering dental marketing success by turning the spotlight on a dentist’s greatest secret asset. Discover how to have a never-ending stream of happy, loyal patients who attend their appointments, pay their bills and refer new patients. This step-by-step guide packed with valuable information and practical advice will show you exactly how.

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The Power
of Retention

Learn how to excel in any economic climate
RETENTION! masterfully combines the fundamentals of building a leading dental practice with cutting-edge strategies on how to thrive in any economic climate. It highlights how traditional business models are no longer relevant in the new cut-throat economy and offers fresh solutions.

Build a loyal, happy core of patients
RETENTION! is a highly practical guide which offers dentists detailed insights into working with your greatest assets – your existing patients. Learn how to build a powerful base of loyal patients who not only love what you do but tell others about your service.

Access the latest entrepreneurial thinking tools
Coupled with exclusive online checklists, cheat sheets and other highly practical business tools, RETENTION! gives you the power to create a practice of loyal patients and exponentially greater profits.

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Whether you run a traditional family practice or a high-end cosmetically driven practice, whether you’re in a rural or urban area, you might be feeling anxious about the tougher economic environment, frustrated about the profit leaks from your practice or exhausted from the relentless demands of your business. RETENTION! will inspire you to turn your professional and personal fortunes around by plugging the biggest profit leaks in your dental practice.

Amazing book!  It shows how to build relationships with patients and ties into higher case acceptance.

Dr Amit Kapoor
Dentist, Brunswick Dental Clinic

A wealth of information. Better than any management course I have done.

Dr Sasha Rutnam
CEO and Founder of North Shore Dentistry

Your answers are here. Just implement them!

Dr Mark Miller
Dentist, Dental as Anything

In one word – excellent.

Dr Nauvneel Kashyap
Owner of 8 Dental Practices