Cutting-edge Dental Business Coaching

With its cutting-edge strategies, our signature Practice Max high-performance business mastermind is for results-driven dentists motivated to practice at the most elite level. Our approach effortlessly blends contemporary cutting-edge solutions with rigorous strategic thinking.

In 12 months, our clients will put at least an extra $100,000 in their pocket while working less.

From being overworked, frustrated and burnt out by the never-ending demands of their practice, they become happier, less stressed and have a greater work-life balance.

Practice Max has been crafted to move clients beyond traditional business models that no longer work. It is smarter, savvier and more sophisticated dental coaching that gets clients practising at the highest level.


How do I improve my profitability?
Dentists are working harder than ever, but many are earning less than before the GFC, or having to make more effort for the same return. We all know that businesses don’t run themselves. Being a great dentist does not guarantee financial success. Somebody has to make the business and financial decisions in the practice. Without the right financial scoreboards, knowledge and skills, practice owners are flying by the seat of their pants and the practice will struggle to lift its financial performance.

and Stress

How do I get a better work-life balance?
While traditional business models and practice management strategies used to generate good results, they no longer do. Dentists often work around the clock, doing dentistry by day and running their business by night. This can leave them burnt out, personally and professionally.


How do I get my team to perform at the highest level?
Managing staff is a key stress for most practice owners. It takes time and effort to attract and retain the right staff. In fact, it's one of the toughest parts of running a business. When the team's performance suffers, the practice suffers. The practice owner often feels physically and emotionally drained.


How do I build and retain my patient base?
Competition is tough and getting tougher. Having a full appointment book, once taken for granted, is now the top priority for most practices. Because patient flow equals cash flow, dental marketing is now more important than ever. The problem is most dentists don't know how to market their practice effectively.


Get paid what you're worth
With Practice Max, you'll not only have a plan with concrete milestones leading you to success, you’ll also be equipped with the leading suite of financial tools and scoreboards so know what to do and when to do it. You’ll understand the key drivers of your business, be able to identify and remedy any hurdles to profitability as well as sharpen your financial intelligence for outstanding results.

More Time
Less Stress

Take control of your own business so you can have a life
Once you understand the powerful principles of using effective systems to run your practice as an owner not operator, you'll have more money, more time and less stress. You'll feel happier and more passionate about life.


Recruit A-grade employees
You’ll learn how to build and lead a highly skilled, passionate team that consistently performs at the highest level. This will free you to do what you do best – dentistry. Accelerate your profits with staff members who love what they do.


Master the art of patient flow
Secure your future with cutting edge, modern dental marketings strategies and timeless business principles. By attracting and retaining loyal patients, you'll be able to focus on the work you love to do with the patients you love to do it for.


Practice Max is a high-performance business model that coaches clients through 7 core steps. It’s greatest power lies in a combination of those steps to achieve exponentially greater returns and outstanding financial rewards.

  • 1


    Tap into the power of 'why' you run your business. A values-driven business will allow you to think, act and communicate from a place of authenticity and congruence. It's what allows you to achieve both financial success as well as personal fulfilment.

  • 2


    Great practices have leaders, not managers. The best leaders dare to innovate, create a vision for their business and communicate it in such a way to inspire others. Imagine the type of experience you wish to create for your patients, then make it happen.

  • 3

    FINANCIAL Intelligence

    Cash flow is the lifeblood of your practice. Financial intelligence is also about making intelligent decisions across the board. Learn to diagnose the weakest links in your business and employ smarter metrics for smarter decisions.

  • 4


    Streamline operational efficiency and scalability across your dental practice systems. Achieve more with less through clever communications and elegant systems. The result will be better financial performance, patient experience and personal satisfaction.

  • 5

    Getting to YES

    Get your practice to a point where you've built so much value that people will ask you for the treatment you know they need. By creating buyers, not customers, you will accelerate business growth and maximise profits.

  • 6

    The Art of Marketing

    To survive in the modern economy, practices have to adapt to survive. Hit the sweet spot by balancing the 3 Rs of marketing: Recruitment, Retention and Reactivation. For a winning approach, target new patients while building loyalty from existing ones.

  • 7


    Having a high-quality team that is passionate about your vision lies at the core of a flourishing practice. By nurturing your relationships with staff, morale will sky-rocket, as will productivity and profitability.


A contemporary & complete business mastermind that gives you the exact steps to win more patients, make more money and manage your practice better, so you can spend more time doing the things you love.

Lay the foundations of success
Take our in-house practice health check and get a tailored plan to meet your goals & objectives.

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Be energised at our quarterly events
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Access monthly webinars and Silver Bullet sessions so you can achieve your goals faster than you thought possible.

Connect with business luminaries & thought leaders
Be part of the fast-growing 'dentalpreneurial' community.

Action is the foundational key to all success.

Pablo Picasso
One of the greatest and most influential artists

Great operators get tired. Great owners get rich.

Keith Cunningham
The real Rich Dad from Robert Kiyosaki’s book
Rich Dad, Poor Dad