Why Prevention Is Better Than Cure in Dental Human Resources


There are few aspects of dental business that cause the concerns human relations do. When personalities and people are at work, the potential for small issues to escalate into bigger problems multiplies. This is especially true if the right human resource mechanisms aren’t in place. Without robust structures and systems, dental business owners can find themselves in murky water. So …

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How To Know If Perfectionism Is Slowing Down Your Dental Business


A dental business is a great personal development course. By some mysterious design, dental business takes us up a steady pathway of growth punctuated by what can feel like deliberately divined challenges. Patient numbers, marketing, personnel, cashflow, you name it. In business, it seems nothing is off limits. Rarely easy, these experiences galvanise and propel us forward. When facing the …

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7 Financial Resolutions To Kickstart 2018


Dentists are generally a hardworking bunch. On any given day, we’re found buried deep in clinical practice. We’re all over restorations, new patient numbers, and Mrs Smith’s new dentures. Our personal finances, however? Mmm. I’ve found dentists can sometimes be their own worst enemy. While we generate great cashflow, we don’t use the cash well. We make less than ideal …

94. Money Mastery Tips for Dentists with Jordan Goodman

1 Important Investment Every Dentist Should Make


As the new year rolls around, it’s typical to review our investment priorities. This may find you checking the rear view mirror for areas to improve. You might also find cause to high five yourself. Regardless of the view, mapping a way forward – and the investment you’ll make – in the ensuing year is a priority for most of …

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92. Simple Tips for Great Social Media for Dental Practices with Mark Warncken

5 Surprisingly Simple Tips That Make Social Media Easy


Social media has changed the game in dental business. It’s no longer enough for dentists to rely on patient loyalty and quality care as their sole marketing strategy. It just won’t cut it when it comes to generating new patients…and keeping them. Part of any dentist’s approach to marketing must now include a sharp social media plan. “That’s great”, I …