84. Dramatically Improve Patient Experience and Boom Your Practice with Vinh Giang

Timeless Success Principles for a Great Dental Business


As a perennial student of business, for many years I’ve studied success principles I think will help me do business better. I’ve read thousands of books, spoken with hundreds of business owners, and had a few experiences myself. Through all this, one thing seems clear. We can learn and apply timeless success principles to create a great business. As the busy …

83. Australia’s leading business author Andrew Griffiths with his tips and tricks for success [Re-broadcast]

Could Innovation Increase The Value of Your Dental Practice?


Innovation can be applied to dental practice in many ways.  However, we often overlook it as the means to enhance business value directly. In the world of dentistry, we typically associate innovation with development in a technology or treatment technique. Looking at innovation this way creates a perception that the power for innovation is in the hands of someone else, …

82. How to Disrupt the Healthcare Space with Katherine Maslen

3 Hot Tips To Send Your Dental Practice Into Business Overdrive


Growing a dental practice can test a dentist’s patience. We have a vision. We know what needs to happen next. Why can’t we be there already? But here’s what I’ve found: steady, consistent action applying strategies that work is what yields the best results. Deceptively simple, some strategies can be overlooked. However, on deeper consideration and implemented well, they have …

81. 3 Tips to Accelerate Your Practice Growth

What Every Dentist Needs To Know About Business Systems


While the dentist in me loves perfection in patient care, the entrepreneur in me gets a kick from creating business systems for our practice. I love this stuff because it creates order and structure. My opinion? Order precedes forward movement. Order is achieved by bringing structure to business. It follows that structure comes through development of frameworks and processes that …

80. Simple Systems for Impeccable Delivery of Care

How to Know You’re in a Dental Business, Not Just a Dental Practice


You’re running a dental practice, but did you know you’re really the owner of a dental business? It’s a question being posed to more and more dentists. And most of my readers will know why. It’s no secret things have changed in the world of dentistry over the past five years. A topic covered extensively in my book, Retention, and …