Is Google AdWords A Viable Marketing Tool For Dentists?


Working with Google AdWords can feel a bit like walking in quick sand. Just when you think you’ve got it nailed, something changes. Confusing and frustrating at the same time, it’s any wonder we’re asking ourselves: “How does a busy dentist make Google AdWords part of their dental business marketing strategy…and make it work?” Great question. It’s one we’ll go …

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The Ultimate Dentist Checklist For Thriving Under Stress


Stress is something we all face purely as a function of living on the planet. Managed well, a healthy level of stress helps us grow. Poorly managed, we can find ourselves veering off course. Unmanaged, and we can quickly find life turns upside down. I’m not a believer in silver bullets, but I do believe in mastery of fundamentals. Mastering …

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5 Smart Moves Your Dental Practice Should Make


Every dental business owner serious about growth will be hungry for new ideas to grow and scale their practice. I’m no exception. One rich source of new ideas is the lessons learned and shared by ‘compatriot’ entrepreneurs – those who’ve done it tough in the trenches of business and life. It is especially fascinating when those lessons are learned in …

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How Inspiration Creates a Great Dental Business Brand

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The idea of an inspiring dental business brand may seem foreign to we dentists. After all, professional training and practice primes us to shy away from the spotlight. But what if I told you being front and centre is essential to creating a great dental business brand? Creating a great brand is not just the domain of big companies and …

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Timeless Success Principles for a Great Dental Business


As a perennial student of business, for many years I’ve studied success principles I think will help me do business better. I’ve read thousands of books, spoken with hundreds of business owners, and had a few experiences myself. Through all this, one thing seems clear. We can learn and apply timeless success principles to create a great business. As the busy …

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