How to Turbo-Charge the Productivity of Your Team

increase team productivity

How would you describe your team? Are they productive, focused and efficient? Or is it a challenge to keep them on track and working together towards your goals? You need an elite team in order to meet your goals. You need a committed group of people you can rely on. But it’s hard work keeping everyone on the same page. It’s …

15. Become a Key Person of Influence and take your dental business to the next level with Glen Carlson

14. The foot and mouth episode with Tyson Franklin

Tyson Franklin

13. Helpful marketing with Timbo Reid

Ep 13 Tim Reid

How To Use Social Media To Boost Your Business

social media

Social media is overwhelming. Facebooking, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn – the list is endless. There are so many platforms, and each one is different. They all require a different strategy, in-depth knowledge and vast amounts of time. The worst thing is the idea of making a fool of yourself – or putting your foot in your mouth – on such …

12. Entrepreneurship, health care and travelling the world – Dr Darren Delaney

Ep 12 Darren Delaney

11. Marketing Your Practice Using Social Media – with Adam Houlahan

Episode # 11 Adam Houlahan

Don’t Do These 5 Things When You Want To Build An Elite Team

build an elite team

What’s your biggest headache? No, let me guess. Staff. Am I right? Most business owners say staff are one of their biggest stressors. Now, let me ask you another question. Are you doing dentistry by day and running your business at night? If so, it’s a clear indication of a problem. Maybe you don’t have enough team members so you’re …

10. Future Trends – How to Use Technology to Grow Your Practice

10. Robert Sztar

How To Be the Beckham of Dentistry: 7 Ways to Boost Your Brand

brand it like beckham

What do dental practices and soccer have in common? David Beckham. How? Let me paint a picture for you. There is no one quite like David Beckham. He’s a talented footballer and household name. But he’s also a world famous – and world class – iconic brand. The man is a marketing genius. There’s no doubt he’s extremely good at …