100. 100th Episode Special: Top business lessons from the Savvy Dentist with guest host, Ronsley Vaz.

How To Shift Gears From Dentist to Dental Entrepreneur

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Not so long ago, the term dental entrepreneur didn’t exist in our vocabulary. Even hearing dentist and entrepreneur in the same sentence was uncommon. Today, it’s a different story. Many in the Savvy Dentist community will be familiar with the term; some might even embrace it. Even beyond our audience, there is growing awareness around the concept of dental entrepreneurship. …

99. The Secrets of Successful Dental Entrepreneurs with Elijah Desmond

How Dental Patient Communication Affects Practice Profitability

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True or false? Patient communication is really important. For me, when it comes to cranking up your dental business, patient communication ranks right up there with great marketing. But if we’re honest, communication’s a pretty broad term, isn’t it? Thanks to technology, today its scope is much broader than it once was. And while have much to thank technology for, …

98. How to Communicate Like a Leader with Dr Laura Sicola

5 Surprising Things an Entrepreneurial Dentist Can Learn From Artificial Intelligence


A while back, nobody had heard the term entrepreneurial dentist. Among the dental fraternity, if you approached your dental practice as a business, well, let’s just say, it wasn’t the done thing. Now all that’s changed. Far more widely accepted, dentists are finding their inner entrepreneur and approaching business differently. Like entrepreneurs. This evolution didn’t happen overnight. And like most …

97. Why adaptability is the key to successful business with AI expert, Matthew Michalewicz

Why Prevention Is Better Than Cure in Dental Human Resources


There are few aspects of dental business that cause the concerns human relations do. When personalities and people are at work, the potential for small issues to escalate into bigger problems multiplies. This is especially true if the right human resource mechanisms aren’t in place. Without robust structures and systems, dental business owners can find themselves in murky water. So …

96. Get Your Employment Legals Sorted with John Wilson

How To Know If Perfectionism Is Slowing Down Your Dental Business


A dental business is a great personal development course. By some mysterious design, dental business takes us up a steady pathway of growth punctuated by what can feel like deliberately divined challenges. Patient numbers, marketing, personnel, cashflow, you name it. In business, it seems nothing is off limits. Rarely easy, these experiences galvanise and propel us forward. When facing the …