136. Keys To Scaling Excellence with Grant Menzies


In this episode, I chat to Grant Menzies about how to scale a business when you are committed to a high-end quality product or service.

Grant Menzies is the General Manager of Adina, and son of company founder, Bob Menzies. Grant is extensively involved in the design of every new Adina watch and works closely with international manufacturers to ensure all Adina watch components meet strict quality standards. Grant also manages the wholesale distribution of Adina watches to independent Australian jewellery stores, as well as providing training and support to these retail partners.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • 10:44: Getting into the family business
  • 13:07: Tips for taking over a family business (with as little friction as possible)
  • 17:21: The power of internal collaboration and growing the business
  • 18:16: The challenges of scaling excellence
  • 23:00: Bringing on new team members and maintaining your quality standards
  • 26:33: Tips for finding good talent for the business
  • 27:52: Why being a watchmaker is like being a dentist
  • 28:44: Challenges around dealing with suppliers and how to overcome them
  • 31:54: Creating a brand that survives global and national financial ups and downs
  • 35:06: The importance of staying relevant to the market
  • And more

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