81. 3 Tips to Accelerate Your Practice Growth

In this episode, Dr Jesse Green shares his 3 top tips for putting your practice growth into hyperdrive. If you want to transcend the traditional model of owner-operator (as is common for dental practice owners) and step into true business ownership, this episode it for you.

In this episode Dr Jesse Green discusses:

  • Quick tips for building up a leadership team
  • How to ease the pressure on yourself to do everything
  • How to structure your team for success
  • What limits the growth of practices and how you can overcome it
  • And more.
  • Yasir Haseeb

    Software help decrease costs through automation and improve efficiency. It can take tasks or processes, automate them and streamline or replace a human doing them. Different software applications do different things. Some manage logistics, other manage human resources, others manage accounting and bookkeeping, others manage customer relationships and marketing.

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