116. Key Strategies for Growing Your Dental Practice with Glen Carlson

In this episode, I’m joined by Glen Carlson to share his strategies on growing a profitable dental practice. And, his advice is not typical. It’s all about recognising what you want out of your business and how to get there by building assets.

Glen Carlson is co-founder Dent Global, where they run structured accelerator programs that produce entrepreneurs that stand out, scale up and make a positive impact in the world. They’re best known for the award winning ‘Key Person of Influence’ program, acknowledged by INC.COM as “One of the top personal branding conferences in the world”.

In the last 7 years, they’ve expanded to the UK, USA, Singapore and Australia, published over 800 books for their clients, and built an epic full time team of 50 across 12 time zones.

With 3 acquisitions under their belt in the technology, media and publishing, Dent has become a ‘one stop shop’ for business owners that want to accelerate their entrepreneur journey.

Glen has been featured in INC.com, the Fin Review, Sky Business News, Entrepreneur.com and his DENT PODCAST is consistently in the top 100 business podcasts in Australia and people watch over 2000 hours of his business tips each week.

In this episode, we discuss:

3:58 How to make the leap into more scale in your business and more leverage
7:16 The journey towards that 2-3 million dollars and what you need to build to get there
9:25: What key assets you’re missing when you’re building your lifestyle business
11:34: The power of having a “to build list” and why you need one
16:37: Why most people don’t actually want a “fast growth” business
20:07: Practical tips for pushing through self doubt
27:46: Why building a performance business is insane (for most people)
35:46: How not all growth in business is healthy. Work out what you want first
37:57: How to make the huge jump from 3 million in revenue per year to more.

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Steve Job’s address https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1R-jKKp3NA

Key Person of Influence Scorecard http://www.keypersonofinfluence.com/scorecard/

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