309. The 12 Week Year

Get more done in 12 weeks than others do in 12 months. This is what Brian Moran will share with us on the podcast today. Brian is the CEO and Founder of The Execution Company and is the leading authority on leadership, execution and productivity. He co-authored the New York Times Best Seller book called The 12 Week Year. We tackle the issues he wants to address in the book, getting started with the book and all the good stuff in between.  

In this episode we discuss:

  • [01:31] The underlying issue he was seeking to address in the book.
  • [03:36] Redefinition of the year and why he used 12 weeks.
  • [06:24] The meaning of periodisation
  • [08:35] The value of rest and recovery in this cyclic approach.
  • [10:29] Reasonable amount of work you should take in.
  • [12:41] Filtering process for choosing the work you what to take on.
  • [16:35] 2 Types of activities in the 12-week plan.
  • [20:07] How practice and team plans work and merging it with your personal 12-week plan.
  • [23:13] The pattern in the 12 weeks.
  • [24:57] Most interesting things he has seen in the 12-week year.
  • [29:01] Getting started with the 12-week year.

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