315. Does Your Practice Meet the Standard?

What are ISO standards and why do you need it in your business? Some people don’t know the concept of international standards or ISO and this is what my guest, Mel Blackmore, is going to talk about today. Mel is an absolute expert at ISO standards and she is going to show us how and why these standards are relevant to small and medium enterprises to capture the best thinking and implement best practices.       

In this episode we discuss:

  • [02:43] The story of how Mel found her way into this kind of work.
  • [05:47] The relevance of ISO standards from the SME point of view.
  • [08:40] How to decide which standards are relevant for a particular business.
  • [12:23] Things to consider around information management particularly for dentists.
  • [16:27] Using standards for risk management.
  • [18:44] Thoughts around making sure the standards are followed.
  • [22:53] Why some organisations don’t use standards.
  • [24:11] The future of using standards in organisations.
  • [25:45] Benefits of using standards in a practice.
  • [29:00] Key takeaways from Mel. 

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