316. Connected Leadership in a Changing World with Mike Cameron

For a business to grow, its leaders must first grow. But today, we are going to talk about leadership of a particular kind. So I’ve invited Mike Cameron, author of Becoming A Better Man, to talk about his thoughts, insights and experiences on the topic of leadership. Mike is an expert on leading from the heart. And this is exactly what we need – empathetic leadership – if we want our team members to show up committed and engaged. It was an interesting conversation and we covered so much including navigating through the messiness of day-to-day life, applying principles, coping, expectation shifting, and a lot more.       

In this episode we discuss:

  • [06:53] The lessons he has learned through running marathons.
  • [10:51] Mike tells us about his experience working with his uncle and what he learned about himself, the world and other people.
  • [14:58] What his parents noticed in him after his experience in Australia.
  • [16:07] Being an effective leader in leadership in messy circumstances.
  • [22:40] Understanding, fostering, and recognising the emotional engagement of your team better.
  • [28:22] Authentically creating genuine connection and engagement.
  • [34:07] Practices, thoughts and notions on being deliberate about slowing down.
  • [37:47] Mike talks about a common trait seen in men when things are not going well.
  • [40:40] How Leadership for men is changing through the times.
  • [43:45] Things to consider for men to find their path when role models and stereotypes are outdated.
  • [48:23] Tips for creating our own code of doing things rather than following the steps of others that may or may not work for us. 

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