328. From Fighter Pilot to Business Advisor to Dentists with Morgan Hamon

In this episode of the Savvy Dentist Podcast, I’ve invited Morgan Hamon to talk about becoming a fighter pilot and applying the skills and lessons he’s learned from that profession to business.

Morgan is a CPA and the founder of HDA Accounting Group. They work with over 500 dental practices which makes him an expert in identifying what does and doesn’t work, the numbers to focus on, and what really drives profit.

We talk about so much stuff including skills required to operate a successful enterprise, the lessons he has learned as a fighter pilot, and so much more.     

In this episode we discuss:

  • [03:14] Morgan shares his military background and what drew him to become a fighter pilot. 
  • [08:31] Learning how to become situationally aware and applying it to business. 
  • [11:42] Taking inputs and assimilating information as a pilot and as an accountant. 
  • [16:27] Key critical data points in a dental practice from an accountant’s point of view. 
  • [22:35] Mistakes business owners make in identifying, managing, and mitigating risk. 
  • [30:10] The difference between 2 large practices and 2 small practices when going into the multiple practice path. 
  • [33:28] Advice to practice owners around dealing with tumultuous times. 
  • [38:27] Morgan shares his key advice for doctors from an accounting perspective. 
  • [45:00] Top people he wants to learn from and why.  

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