330. Harnessing Creativity to Grow your Practice with Marc Silber

How do you harness creativity in your practice or business so that you and your team can function and perform better? In this episode, I’ve invited Marc Silber of Silber Consulting Group to talk about how we can use the creative process to help you achieve your goals. Creativity is in all of us but it’s up to you on how you get those creative juices going to get you to a place of joy and fulfilment both in life and business. Join us in this conversation to find out how creativity can help you become a better and more effective leader and create an equally competent team that will help grow your practice further and faster.

In this episode we cover:

  • [02:56] Marc shares his journey from studying, teaching, building a practice, writing books, to where he is today.
  • [08:09] Marc defines creativity and how it can be a 24/7 activity.
  • [12:26] Unpack, enhance, and develop your creativity through the 5 steps to creativity.
  • [15:58] The importance of letting your creative juices flow first before thinking about editing your work.
  • [18:49] How to remain creative even when working on a deadline.
  • [21:39] Tips and examples on how you can use constraints to enhance your creative process.
  • [24:20] Unlock your and your team’s creativity for better performance at work.
  • [27:50] Why you need precise skills to become an effective leader.
  • [30:22] Using the 2 most critical creative tools of leadership to grow your business.
  • [34:10] Marc and Jesse give concrete examples of optimal conditions to get your head in the right space and get your creative process flowing.
  • [38:51] Learning more about the resources from Marc’s book, Create, and the exercises within it to help create better results for yourself.
  • [40:58] The power that a team can bring to help you work smarter and better.
  • [44:13] Marc shares his wisdom around the creative process and why it’s so important to practice the 5 steps to creativity.

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