332. Get More Patients with Marketing Automation

Have you ever lost patients and leads in your practice because you were not able to nurture them, follow up with them, and retain their loyalty? This normally happens when every step of your marketing is manually done in your practice – from booking and sending messages to making follow up calls.

In this episode, Rob Webster takes us through how software like Lana, can help automate all our back- and front-end marketing processes to help you nurture and retain current and prospective patients so that you don’t lose people out of your pipeline.

Learn how you can automate and systemise your funnels today for liability, repeatability, and sustainability in your practice.

In this episode we cover:

  • [03:15] Robert tells us about his background and how he found his way into working in marketing automation.
  • [04:23] Looking at marketing automation and how it can help practice owners in nurturing patients and leads who contact the practice outside the normal modes of communication.
  • [06:26] The common challenge of losing inquiries and leads due to the overwhelm felt by front desk staff.
  • [08:35] Four most common problems dental practices have and the solutions that Lana can offer to help you manage those.
  • [12:01] How to manage patients who have scheduled but have not shown up in the appointment so that practices can reactivate them and don’t lose the opportunity.
  • [17:00] Tips on how to save yourself time by maintaining the integrity of your database.
  • [18:27] Understanding what happens in every step of the marketing funnel to turn your leads and patients into returning customers.

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