333. Courageous Leadership for Practice Owners with Katherine Eitel Belt

How do you empower your team and give them the ability to have courageous conversations with you and each other? In this episode of the Savvy Dentist podcast, my guest Katherine Eitel Belt Lang of LionSpeak explains how we can build a culture that celebrates alignment with your team. We are going to tackle the tools and tips you need to enhance your team’s communication and so much more.

In this episode we cover:

  • [03:20] Katherine’s background and how she wound up working in communication skills coaching.
  • [06:30] The benefits of and learning how to manage courageous conversations with others as leaders.
  • [10:42] How and why you need to have consistency, authenticity, and connectivity in your messages.
  • [15:07] How to use the combination of structure and preparation to have successful conversations.
  • [17:25] Katherine shares how she created a culture that supports courageous conversations in her company.
  • [25:32] The importance of having clarity of vision that can align with everyone in the company.
  • [33:08] Steps you need to take to lead your team to have an aligned vision with you.
  • [36:30] Katherine shares an example of a client who applied these steps to have an aligned vision with his team.
  • [47:02]Praticing kindness and understanding.

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