336. Creating a Winning Team Culture

Business success is a result of many critical factors, one of which is having a winning team culture. In this solo episode of the Savvy Dentist Podcast, Dr Jesse Green talks about what it means to be working with people who know, understand, and embody the values you have set for your business. Values help you identify whether they fit your business culture or not. A winning team culture is about fit and alignment. You want to have a team that is aligned, productive and harmonious because they will help you achieve your vision.   

In this episode we discuss:

  • [1:19] Dr Jesse Green talks about the Proficiency of A to D Players as described by the Performance Culture Matrix 
  • [3:00] Culture as a series of lenses that starts with alignment of values 
  • [4:01] Clarity of vision as the second lens which gives the team direction  
  • [4:45] Stories as the third lens that connect people together 
  • [5:45] Fourth lens is about behaviours, and the fifth lens is about habits – your way of knowing whether they support the values of your business 
  • [6:33] Values as your way of knowing whether your people are the right fit for you 
  • [7:22] How do we create, articulate, and communicate the business values to our team and our customers 
  • [8:01] Integrity is a minimum requirement, not a core value of the business 
  • [8:38] Knowing your values and what they mean to you 
  • [9:34] Communicating our values by synthesizing them into something practical and usable 
  • [10:09] Explaining our values to our team members regularly through stories, analogies and practical examples 
  • [11:42] How each individual member of the team can also embody your business values 
  • [12:10] The importance of identifying the behaviours that undermine your business values 
  • [12:36] Communicating values in a very clear, concise way to bring them to life 
  • [13:47] Knowing whether they are an A, B, C or D player based on their values and how you can device a performance plan to help them become an A player 
  • [14:08] What if someone is not aligned with your business culture 

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