5 Little Known Factors That Could Affect Your Dental Practice Growth

Dental practice growth

Can you hear that?

It’s the sound of competition, breathing down your neck.

Pounding footsteps close on your heels. Chasing you to run faster, run harder and do better.

You know there’s fierce competition between dental practices. So how do you ensure you’re the one that not only survives but thrives?

The answer is to Do Something Different.

I’m not talking about offering fancy coffee, freebies or discounts.

I’m not even talking about making patients feel valued and comfortable (but that’s important too).

I’m talking about doing something really different. Something that goes beyond what some people call Wow Customer Service.

It’s something that many businesses don’t even know about it. Want to know the secret?

Multiple moments of connection.

Four simple words that will pack a powerful punch when it comes to your dental practice growth.

So how can you create an experience that intentionally creates moments of connection?

Learn From The Masters

It’s not an accident that Walt Disney created one of the biggest and best theme parks the world had ever seen. One that people still want to visit 60 years later.

It was orchestrated. It is a well-written story that continues to create multiple moments of connection.

Businesses such as Apple and Virgin are well known for providing a fabulous service experience.

They are hailed as trailblazers. Pioneers, even. It’s what sets them apart from their competition. Wouldn’t you agree?

Whether it was Steve Jobs designing the Apple store or Richard Branson hamming it up on a Virgin flight, your service experience has been planned, choreographed and written down to the last full stop.

You are meant to experience that level of outstanding customer service…every time.

So what can you do to leave your patients with a story to tell their friends and family about your dental practice? How do you want them to feel when they leave? What are those multiple moments of connection?

It’s important you have the vision, staff and skills to compose each chapter of the story because … Being a good dentist is not enough to have a great business.

Committing to the habit of excellence on a daily basis – including your dental practice systems, dental marketing and your practice management – ensures a continual focus on providing an exceptional patient experience.

It’s the surprise and delight factor, and in a service-based profession like dentistry, these things typically represent moments of connection between your patient and your practice.

Here’s how to create moments of connection from the minute they walk through your door.

5 Secrets Of Excellent Customer Service

1. Call Their Name

It’s simple, but it’s effective; call your patients by their name. There is nothing people love more than to hear their own name.

2. Be Present

We all get busy in the day-to-day management of our dental practices, but if you really want to connect with your patients, be present and focus your complete attention on them.

3. Say Yes

Easy. Instead of saying no, say yes. Accommodate your patients’ requests. After all, we are customers too, so how do you want to be treated?

Say yes

4. Add One

No, we’re not inviting our patients to a wedding. The rule of the Add One is to find out your patients’ expectations and do one thing to exceed them.

What can you do to one-up their experience through your dental practice management, marketing and systems?

5. Have Fun

Look, we know what we do as dentists isn’t considered fun by our patients. Even your dental business coach will tell you that! But it’s our job as dentalpreneurs to do dentistry differently and that means creating a place they want to come to.

It doesn’t matter how you have fun, just keep it simple and be authentic.

Boost Your Dental Practice Growth

Excellence is about doing a lot of little things well. It’s not accidental, it’s the result of being deliberate and persistent.

It’s about creating multiple moments of connection.

And here’s the best part. It’s not rocket science.

Anyone can do this. It’s simply a matter of putting systems in place.

That means You can do this, too.

These secrets are so simple you can start implementing them in your practice today.

Talk to your team about the 5 Secrets of Excellent Customer Service.

Start calling your patients by name. Start focusing on being present, doing more and saying yes.

And start working out how to inject a little fun into your business.

That action alone will make your practice a better place.

Injecting a little fun will make people gravitate towards you.

It will make you stand out from the crowd.

And it just might make your business sky rocket!

keep it simple

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