85. How to Manage Your Team Like a Pro with Chris Robb

Chris Robb is the author of the book ‘Mass Participation Sports Events’, a highly sought after International Speaker and CEO of Mass Participation Asia.

Chris’ life reads like the pages of a novel. His amazing journey has allowed him to impact the lives of millions of people by creating and delivering mass participation sports events across three continents.

While there have been countless highlights, including working on the Sydney 2000 Olympics and recently, meeting Sir Richard Branson at his home on Necker Island, Chris came from humble beginnings, growing up poor on a farm in Zimbabwe.

It has always been Chris’ belief that our greatest opportunity to grow and learn comes from times of extreme pressure. 

Along the way, he discovered that events he initially perceived as “disasters”, were in fact gifts. These significant moments taught Chris the valuable lessons he needed to be successful in business, and what he could do to help other businesses achieve success.

His first business was started with a few thousand dollars, six months after emigrating to Australia. The business grew into a multi-million-dollar international company which was then sold to IRONMAN. 

He has been at the helm of some of the biggest mass events, including the Singapore Marathon, with 65,000 participants. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • The art of resilience
  • Working with teams to pull off ambitious projects
  • Tips for managing a crisis
  • Why you should be empowering your team members
  • How to manage risk proactively
  • Tips to correctly identify the correct problem to tackle
  • And more

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