Serious Lessons for Bringing More Joy to Dental Business

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When we think dental business, most practice owners don’t necessarily think ‘joy’.

On the contrary, they can feel stressed, overwhelmed, and very much lacking in joy.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Dental practice owners can enjoy practice – and business more – if they apply some simple lessons.

Check them out here.

If You Don’t Like What You’re Doing, Change It

As humans, we can sometimes be slow learners.

We stay stuck in environments that are unhealthy, businesses that drain us, and jobs we hate.

At least, until we’re forced to do something about it.

American motivational speaker Les Brown says, If you don’t move on life, life will move on you.

And he’s right.
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Move Boldly, Manage Risk

Often when we do decide to move, we do it suddenly and without much planning.

In some instances, we nail it.

Other times, well, we may fall short of the mark.

If that happens, it’s best if you’ve already thought through the risks and have a Plan B.

It doesn’t mean never backing yourself.

On the contrary, backing yourself is a key entrepreneurial quality.

Just always aim to temper boldness with well-considered risk.

That way when you do bust out a bold move or two, you’ll enjoy it all the more.

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Get Clear About Opinions That Count

Smart entrepreneurs are clear about the opinions that count.

Rock solid and unwavering, a steadfast belief in self and those close to you is a guaranteed way to enjoy your dental business more.


Because any time spent worrying about what ‘everyone else’ is doing is wasted time.

Focusing on the achievements of others can lead to unhappiness and dissatisfaction, concern about others’ opinions is a real buzzkill.

The bottom line is, your opinion of you is what counts most.  Work on that and you may find you enjoy dental practice more.

In Relationships, Balance the Business and Personal

Okay, so this can be a tough one if you’re in business with a family member, partner or friend.

And let’s face it, many dental practices involve a partnership of partner’s or mates.

So, what’s the best way to manage the inevitable challenges that arise?

Here’s what I find works well for me:

Identify – and then focus on – how your respective skills bring different qualities to the business and complement one another.

Communicate openly, even on the tough stuff.

Work through challenges as quickly as possible. Aim to resolve an issue once. Recycling issues is exhausting.

This may not be foolproof, but applying simple tips like this can make for a much more enjoyable dental business and life.

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When Collaborating, Be Clear About What’s In It For You

New collaborations can be exciting, regardless of whether it’s new team members, business partners or service providers.

Like any new relationship, we can experience a honeymoon period.

Looking through rose coloured glasses, we ignore behaviours, attitudes and communication that would make us think twice otherwise.

But here’s what experience has taught me.

In any collaborative arrangement, always be clear about what’s in it for you.

That’s not to say, you don’t deliver value to the other party.

It just means you enter the collaboration with eyes wide open and clear expectations.

Transparency and openness from the start make for very enjoyable dental business relationships.

Focus on Dental Business, Not Unnecessary Busy-ness

In a world of 24/7 connectivity, it’s the easiest thing in the world to be ‘on’ all the time.

Checked that phone lately?

Ah, yes, only six times… the last five minutes.

Uncontained access to social media and emails is a direct pathway to overload.

And the best way to avoid overload is to focus on your dental business; not ‘everything else’.

Step away from being busy for the sake of being busy.

Ironically, slowing down and directing efforts at your core business activities, will lead to better commercial outcomes.   It will also lead to better personal ones too.

Final Words…

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, not one of these lessons will be news to you.

But, like I said back in my first point, we’re often slow learners and need to hear things many times before it sinks in.

At the heart of Savvy Dentist is a desire to help practice owners enjoy business and life more.

My feeling is, if you apply these lessons, you’ll go some way to achieving that.

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