117. Patient Retention and Growing Your Practice with Jerry Jones

How to Build a Scalable Lifestyle Business Worth 3 Million Dollars

As a successful businessowner, you’re likely asking “How do I get a scalable business worth $3 million?” A lifestyle business is built around the skillset of a founder; it’s a business that’s operating well. And it’s a business generating enough money for you to have all the things you and your family need; as well as providing you with the …

116. Key Strategies for Growing Your Dental Practice with Glen Carlson

How to Connect with People and Read Responses of your Patients and Practice Staff

connect with dental patients

Being able to connect with people as a leader or a dental entrepreneur is paramount to the success of your dental business. When it comes to facial expressions, other than the cliché teenage eye-roll, or a predictable cranky expression from a marriage partner, reading people to assess responses or predict outcomes can be tricky business can’t it? But being able …

115. Dramatically Improve Your Communication Skills with Alan Stevens

Lessons 8 to 13 for Dental Practice Entrepreneurs: Part 2

dr jesse green Lessons

Last week, I shared with you the first seven entrepreneurial lessons for dental practice owners… The lessons are based on my experiences during my own journey and are combined with the business insights of my podcast guest, dental entrepreneur and practice ownership consultant Dr Nauvneel Kashyap. Here are lessons 8 to 13… #8 of 13 Entrepreneurial Lessons: Apply focus in …

114. 13 Entrepreneurial Principles For Being A Great Dental Practice Owner with Dr Nauv Kashyap Part 2

13 Entrepreneurial Lessons for Dental Practice Owners: Part 1

thumbs up for being an entrepreneurial

When I started out, entrepreneurial tendencies were frowned upon. Being a dental entrepreneur or dental-preneur as I used to refer to it in my articles, was considered dodgy, or a sign of carelessness towards patients. Instead of running from this label, I fully embraced it;  and I remember standing tall and responding to the negativity. I’d say, “Absolutely, I am …

113. 13 Entrepreneurial Principles For Being A Great Dental Practice Owner with Dr Nauv Kashyap Part 1

5 Reasons Why A-Type Personalities are on the Brink of Burnout

burnout steam in ears

Everybody wants to bring their A game to work, but dentists are prone to burnout! When I was at university I had the mindset that I either did something perfectly or it was wrong. A-Type personalities are competitive, controlling, high-functioning, have a sense of urgency, feel time poor, as well as having perfection as their standard… Are you also doing …