156. Marketing Your Practice on a Shoestring

The 3 Secrets to Becoming the Best Associate at Your Dental Practice

Associate dentists are the single most important key factor for dentist/business owners to transition from self-employment to a true business that can scale. As this process happens, the business owner should shift into the role of building and inspiring the teams that keep everything rolling. Associate dentists need to step up and become the backbone of patient retention and acquisition. …

155. How to Have a Productive Associate Dentist

154. How to Create a Better Life for Yourself with Kurek Ashley

Crafting A Perfect Patient Experience

The bar for customer service has been set so low it’s almost underground. Giant multinationals like telcos and banks offer famously awful customer service. In comparison, a small to medium-sized businesses have the agility and personal connection to craft a great customer experience. Genuine human interaction might just be one of the ways us little guys have the edge on …

153. How Justin Herald turned $50 into a $20M empire

Creating Breakthroughs In Business And In Life

There are a growing number of people who I speak to who are at the stage in their life where they not feeling truly fulfilled. Maybe they are looking for external factors for fulfilment, rather than looking internally. Back in 2007, I owned a very successful practice, on the outside, everything looked perfect. However, I was really unhappy and I …

152. Creating Breakthroughs in Business and in Life

Underlining the Existing Purpose in Your Small Business

There is a growing sense amongst employees and business owners today that there is more to life than acquiring money and assets. People are becoming more aware of the atrocities happening around the world. We’re beginning to think about what special thing we each can do to contribute to the wellbeing of others. It is time to start asking ourselves, …

151. Creating A Purpose Driven Practice with Carolyn Tate