126. Mastering the Inner Game of Business with Dr Sarah Reiff-Hekking

Investing as a Pillar of Wealth: How to Get Your Money to Work for You

A significant part of my business vision for the Savvy Dentist is to help dentists create intergenerational wealth for their family. As dentists, we are often very driven and ambitious. We went into the career because we wanted a stable, high earning job that allows us to help people. However, a high salary does not necessarily translate into a stable …

125. Grow Your Wealth with Savvy Property Investing with Salena Kulkarni

The 5 Marketing Shortcuts You Need to Know to Avoid Business Potholes

Being a great dentist is important. As medical practitioners, we should all strive to offer the best care we possibly can to our patients. However, as practice owners, we know that the ability to attract and retain patients is a fundamental business skill that every practice owner needs to know. Just as clinical skills are necessary to be a successful dentist, …

124. Simple Marketing Tips for Your Practice with Allan Dib

Courage and Gratitude in Dentistry

Dentistry, just like with any other business, requires courage. Whether it’s the first time you fill a patient’s cavity or the first practice you open, it requires a step into the unknown. In this blog post I discuss a few things to consider if you are feeling stuck or unhappy with your career. My Guest Dr David Maloley  asks the …

123. Dr David Maloley on The Secrets To Building An Epic Dental Practice and An Epic Life

The Only Three Secrets You Need to Know to Win Patients

I was recently thinking about a moment before I published my book, RETENTION! How to Plug the #1 Profit Leak in Your Dental Practice. I wrote it to help fellow dentists understand how to create an ever-expanding list of happy, satisfied patients. I gave the manuscript to a friend of mine to read. He came back and said to me, …

122. Motivate Your Staff, Build Better Patient Relationships and More with Jim Cathcart

121. Effective Content Marketing for Dental Practice Owners with Alexi Neocleous